The CouFrac (International Conference on coupled processes in fractured geological media: observation, modeling, and application) invites you to Seoul, Korea, November 11-13, 2020. The conference, in succession of the 1st one in Wuhan, China in 2018, will focus on new and exciting advances in all areas of coupled processes associated with fractured geological media, including numerical methods, in-situ tests, lab experiments and applications to various subsurface engineering. The CouFrac2020 consists of oral and poster presentations, a panel discussion and keynote presentations. Selected papers will be published in a special issue of the 'Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment' ( after review.

We look forward to meeting you in Seoul.

Chair of the Conference,   Jonny Rutqvist (LBNL)

Co-Chairs of the Conference,   Antonio Rinaldi (ETH Zürich), Hideaki Yasuhara (Ehime University)

Chairs of Local Organizing Committee,   Ki-Bok Min (SNU), Eui-Seob Park (KIGAM)

International Scientific Advisory Committee


Ömer Aydan    Ryukyus univeristy
Jens Birkholzer    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Patrick Dobson    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Maurice B. Dusseault    University of Waterloo
Derek Elsworth    Pennsylvania State University
Xia-Ting Feng    Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yves Guglielmi    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Manchao He    China University of Mining & Technology
Takatoshi Ito    Tohoku University
Seokwon Jeon    Seoul National University
Lanru Jing    KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Olaf Kolditz    Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)
Suseno Kramadibrata    ISRM Vice President for Asia
Jishan Liu    University of Western Australia
Joseph Morris    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Yuzo Ohnishi    Kansai University
Laura J. Pyrak-Nolte    Purdue University
Yang Qiang    Tsinghua University
Patrick Selvadurai    McGill University
Serge Shapiro    Free University of Berlin
Baotang Shen    Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Carl Steefel    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Chun’an Tang    Dalian University of Technology
Chin-Fu Tsang    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Arno Zang    GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
Dongxiao Zhang    Peking University
Robert Zimmerman    Imperial College London

Organizing Committee


Jonny Rutqvist    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Chair)
Ki-Bok Min    Seoul National University (Co-Chair)
Antonio Pio Rinaldi    ETH Zürich (Co-Chair)
Hideaki Yasuhara    Ehime University (Co-Chair)
Hyung-Mok Kim    Sejong University (Secretary General)
Laura Blanco-Martin    Mines ParisTech
Bruno Figueiredo    Itasca Stockholm
Hannes Hofmann    GFZ German Research Centre For Geosciences
Mengsu Hu    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Diego Mas Ivars    Swedish Nuclear Fuel & Waste Management Company
Changsoo Lee    Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Qinghua Lei    ETH Zürich
Qi Li    Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS
Shaojun Li    Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS
Weiguo Liang    Taiyuan University of Technology
Andrea Lisjak    Geomechanica Inc
Roman Makhnenko    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Pania Newell    University of Utah
Adriana Paluszny    Imperial College London
Pengzhi Pan    Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS
Francesco Parisio    Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Xuhai Tang    Wuhan University
Victor Vilarrasa    Spanish National Research Council
Sheng-Qi Yang    China University of Mining and Technology
Jeoungseok Yoon    Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
Fengshou Zhang    Tongji University
Zhihong Zhao    Tsinghua University
Wancheng Zhu    Northeastern University
Günter Zimmermann    GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Local Organizing Committee


Ki-Bok Min    SNU (Chair)
Eui-Seob Park    KIGAM (Co-Chair)
Yong-Bok Jung    KIGAM (Associate Chair)
Kwang Yeom Kim    Korea Maritime & Ocean University (Associate Chair)
Changsoo Lee    KAERI (Associate Chair)
Hyu-Soung Shin    KICT (Associate Chair)
Hyung-Mok Kim    Sejong University (Secretary General)
Linmao Xie    SNU (Co-Secretary General)
Chandong Chang    Chungnam National University
Dae Sung Cheon    KIGAM
JungWoo Cho    Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Gyu Hyun Go    Kumoh National Institute of Technology
Hoonyoung Jeong    Seoul National University
Hyunwoo Kim    KIGAM
Kunhwi Kim    Geologica Geothermal Group
Sangki Kwon    Inha University
Dae Sung Lee    Dong-A University
JaeWon Lee    Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
Youn-Kyou Lee    Kunsan National University
Bona Park    Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
Chan-Hee Park    KIGAM
JungWook Park    KIGAM
Jae-Joon Song    Seoul National University
Jeoung Seok Yoon    DynaFrax UG
Tae Sup Yun    Yonsei University
Li Zhuang    KICT

Contact Information

Prof. Hyung-Mok Kim (Sejong University)
Secretary General of the Conference
   Dr. Linmao Xie (SNU)
Co-Secretary General of the Conference
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